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January 9, 2024

Veterinary Dermatologist

Job Description:

Approachable, forward-thinking, Board – Certified Dermatologist wanted. 

ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospital (Palm Beach County) has specialists in critical care, cardiology, internal medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, neurology, ophthalmology, and oncology, all engaging with clients, sharing cases, prepping staff, and getting things done. 

Now we’re looking for a board-certified Dermatologist to join us and help build a leading veterinary team. 

Naturally, we need someone who will feel at home with us, and if the below points appeal to you, please give us a call to find out how a move to our hospital could be one of the best calls you ever make.  

Changemakers are welcomed! 

The vet industry is shifting – there’s no doubt about it. Accelerating advances in technology, the business impacts of Covid, small practices tangling with large veterinary corporations, new business models, and client expectations are all changing the game. 

This is why everyone at ACCESS Palm Beach County – which is owned by hands-on, onsite veterinarians – works hard to support forward thinking doctors who provide quality medicine through adaptation, innovation, and drive. If you are one of these go-getters and need a team to get behind you, we’re ready.  

Our name matters! 

ACCESS – which is an acronym for Advanced Critical Care, Emergency & Specialty Services – was founded by Rich Mills, DVM, DACVECC (one of the nicest guys in the industry). Rich built a well-regarded specialty and emergency group in Southern California with a simple mission: Team up with doctors and staff who are passionate about providing the best possible medicine, who understand the value of collaborating with peers and staff, who frown on bureaucracy, and who love working with people. Sounds like you? Hop aboard.  

Your insight and suggestions are valued. 

In April, we opened our purpose-built 20,000 sq. ft. hospital in Palm Beach County, FL which must be seen to be believed. What’s better than having corridors wide enough for two gurneys to pass each other with space in between? We also have state-of-the-art equipment and the facilities one would expect from a multi-million dollar specialty animal hospital,* and are open to expanding in different directions. As such, we believe that few people are more qualified to make change than our doctors, and we always encourage those who are willing to challenge the status quo and lead the charge.  

* Among other things, our hospital includes an in-house laboratory, multi-parameter monitoring devices, two digital radiology suites, a full complement of ultrasound equipment, an endoscopy suite, fluoroscopy with a neurovascular package, and top of the line CT and MRI machines. One of our five large operating rooms is equipped for minimally invasive surgery, and another for fluoroscopy and interventional radiology. Our emergency room and ICU are in separate areas with the ER having its own operating room for minor procedures. We also have separate canine and feline intermediate care wards as well as an I131 ward.  

Not familiar with our location? Don’t worry… 

The benefits of working with us in Palm Beach County, Florida, are numerous and best shared in person. Here are just a few: 

  • We have no state income tax. Yes, you read that correctly. Zip. Nada. Zero state income tax! 
  • We have affordable large inland properties and waterfront housing with a relatively lower cost of living than many other coastal states. 
  • More than 200 days of sunshine means more time on the endless beaches, scuba diving, boating, fishing, or enjoying many other outdoor activities. 
  • Wonderfully diverse, Florida offers the kind of melting pot that adds a unique flavor to anyone’s lifestyle. 
  • There are so many other cool things we can’t list them all, but a few minutes on Google will have you wanting to come visit us. 

A full package… 

We offer highly competitive compensation, as well as a comprehensive benefits package which includes generous PTO, a 401K with matching, and excellent health benefits. If relocation is required, we offer financial assistance to qualified candidates, including a designated relocation specialist who can introduce you to new neighborhoods, community services, and all the things needed to help make you feel at home in no time at all.  

Act today! 

As always, total confidentiality is assured.

Contact Information:
To find out more about your role, our hospital and about the people with whom you’ll be working, please contact Ken Spokane.

Ken Spokane, MBA, BSA

Hospital Administrator 

ACCESS – Palm Beach County


Tel: (561) 774-8760