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ACVD Residents

If you are a practicing or graduating veterinarian, and are looking to specialize in dermatology, you’ll need to be accepted into and complete a approved 3 year program (residency).

During the program, continuing education requirements include: a case report, publication of original research, and presentation of original research work. To become certified, you will also need to apply for, be accepted to take, and successfully pass the certifying examination.

Once you are a Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist®, you will need to maintain your standing with continuing education, and by following our ethics code.

What is a veterinary dermatology specialist?​

A veterinary dermatologist is a veterinarian with additional training and expertise in the diagnosis and management of animal skin, ear, hair, nail, hoof, and feather disorders. They have significant training and experience in the treatment of skin diseases as well as internal medicine, immunology and allergy.

How can I apply for a Residency Program?

If you are interested in specializing in veterinary dermatology, we recommend researching the available certified programs to find the best fit for you. You can find current ACVD residency program openings and requirements along with placement assistance programs by visiting the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program sponsored by the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians for open positions.

Applicants for a residency must:

  • Be a graduate of a veterinary school or college.
  • Have satisfactory moral and ethical standing.
  • Be approved to practice veterinary medicine in a state or province of the USA or Canada.
  • Foreign applicants should have an equivalent license to practice in the country of citizenship.
  • Be a member of the AVMA or an equivalent national veterinary medical association.
  • Have completed a one-year internship or practice equivalency