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Leadership & Policy

Standing Committees

There are three “standing committees” in the College; the chair of each one is considered a member of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the ACVD. The chair of these committees provides a report at the Board of Directors meeting the day prior to NAVDF/WCVD, and at the General Members meeting at the NAVDF/WCVD.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee has a minimum of 4 members, who each serve a minimum of a 3 year term.   The Chairperson serves for 2 years.  The Credentials Committee maintains and updates the Credentials Guidelines and Credentials Application Packets.  The committee reviews and grades resident Case Report submissions, accepts candidate’s credentials documents, and determines whether or not candidates have satisfactorily completed credentials requirements.

This committee is active year-round.

Elizabeth Goodale (Chair)

Domenico Santoro (Past  Co-Chair)

Callum Bennie

Caitlin Contreary

Heather Edginton

Sarrah Hoppers

Heidi Newton

Jen Schissler

Katrine Voie

Danielle Wyatt

Zijin Zhou

Education Committee

The Education Committee has a minimum of 4 members, who each serve a 3 year term.   The Education Committee maintains and updates the Residency Program Guidelines.  They review, and may approve, new residency program applications, and evaluate existing residency programs to ensure that they are in compliance with Residency Program Guidelines.   

This committee is active year-round.

Ashley Bourgeois (Chair)

Rebecca Mount (Co-Chair)

Christine Cain 

Mitzi Clark

Ashley Detwiler

Katie Rook

Jeanmarie Short

Examination Committee

The Examination Committee is composed of a minimum of 4 members, who each serve a 3 year term.   Along with Prometric and our examination administrator, this Committee is responsible for the preparation / question writing and administration of the certifying examination. 

This committee is active year-round.

Ben Tham (Chair)

Petra Bizikova

Teresa Boehm

Christina Gentry

Alexandra Gould

Ina Herrmann

Allison Inga

Tyler Jordan

Christoph Klinger

Carine Laporte

Catherine Milley

Andrew Simpson


General Committees

Advisory Board

This is a group or past presidents that were chosen by the current ACVD President to be called upon to provide insight in to areas of concern of the Board of Directors.

Dawn Logas

Jennifer Matousek

Rusty Muse

Adam Patterson

Emily Rothstein

Stephen White

Research Grant Committee

The Research Grant Committee consists of 6 college members with an unspecified term of service.  The committee reviews grant pre-proposals from residents, and grant proposals from residents and college members.  The committee may award funds, with Board of Directors approval, for the ACVD Resident Grant, the ACVD/AAVD Grant, and corporate named grants.  

This committee reviews grant proposals in May and November.

Elizabeth Layne (Chair)

Hilary Jackson (Past Chair)

Kacie Blessing

Andrea Cannon

Valerie Fadok

Clarissa Pimentel de Souza

Research Abstracts Committee

The Committee consists of 4 college members with an unspecified term of service.  The committee reviews and accepts /rejects abstracts submitted for the Resident Short Communications session at the NAVDF or WCVD.  The committee also reviews and accepts/rejects abstracts submitted for presentation at the NAVDF, including Research/Original Short Communications, Clinical Short Communications, and Posters. 

This committee is active October 1 to January 31.

Jason Pieper (Chair)

Jeremy Bachtel

Linda Messinger

Stephen Waisglass

Residents Forum Committee

This committee has 2 co-chairs. They organize a two-day event (when NAVDF happens) or one-day event in years that WCVD occurs. Typically there are four 90 minute lectures per day.  It is open to all ACVD® residents as well as incoming residents and international residents. Usually, each day has a corporate sponsor which covers speakers, lunches, room and electronics.

All registered attendees were given access to lecture materials (notes and Power Point slides) electronically via Dropbox.

Meghan Solc (Co-Chair)

Samantha Lockwood (Co-Chair)

Website Committee

The Website Committee maintains and upgrades the website and digital footprint.

Andrew Rosenberg (Chair)

Emily Rothstein

Alexis Borich

Allyssa Borich

Ethics & Professional Policy Committee

The Ethics and Professional Policy Committee consists of 4 to 6 College members. The committee’s task is to consider issues that involve matters of general policy, and questions regarding the application of those policies. This typically involves matters associated with proper advertising, business transactions, and the training and examination of resident candidates for board certification. The term is year to year, but usually a 3 year commitment for an unspecified term of service is typical.

Danielle James (Co-Chair)

Sonja Zabel (Co-Chair)

Darin Dell

Valerie Fadok

Elizabeth Falk

Heide Newton

Cultural Humility & Communication Committee

The working group was created explore opportunities to raise awareness, find mutual purpose, and provide avenues for our College to grow professionally. Issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), sexual harassment and discrimination may affect our residents in training programs.   It discusses how the college may present an opportunity to be more prescriptive and present a more persuasive narrative to pursue certain options. Other ideas discussed would be to provide resources that training programs could use should they choose to do so.

Catherine Outerbridge (Chair)

Jacqueline Gimmler

Joya Griffin

Carine Laporte

Curtis Plowgian

Tiffany Tapp

NAVDF Committee

The NAVDF Committee represents the interests of the ACVD® as a constituent member of the NAVDF Organizing Committee and helps to determine NAVDF meeting structure and location (the committee members do not arrange the NAVDF speakers/program).

The committee members serve a 2 year term, and attend the NAVDF meeting the day prior to the NAVDF.  This committee is active year-round.

Kristin Holm (liaison)

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is composed of 3 college members, and is formed by the President every 2 years in preparation for elections of a new Member At Large and/or Secretary to the Board of Directors. This committee seeks volunteers, and nominations, for these positions from college members.  The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates and brings it to the college members for a vote.  

This committee is active from January through March, every other year.

For 2023 Elections

Emily Rothstein

Adam Patterson

Karen Campbell


Karen Campbell (ABVS/VSOC)


Catherine Outerbridge (WAVD)

Dawn Logas (CCC)

Sheila Torres (WSAVA)

Peter J. Ihrke Resident Awards Committee

The chair identifies ACVD® members that may be willing to serve as judges during the Resident Research Abstract presentations at the NAVDF, and have these names approved by the ACVD® President.  The judges are provided with the abstracts and grading sheets prior to the presentations. Sheets are tallied by the chair. Contact is made with the corporate sponsor for award monies and plaques.

Alison Diesel

Resident Committee

A Committee made up of elected residents by their peers to represent the interests of the residents of the ACVD® and to act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the residents.  The residents elect their own officers and have their own bylaws and SOP.  They provide a report to the BoD each year.

Roubina Honarchian, Chair

Rachel Loek, Secretary

Annette Lundberg, Treasurer/ Education Liaison

Rebecca Parisola, Exam Representative