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Resident Externship Grants

About the Award

These grants, sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, give residents the opportunity to spend time with other dermatologists at different training facility than their own program. Alternatively, residents can use these funds to visit a different specialist to augment their main training.  Opportunities includes visiting a dermatohistopathologist, or an exotic or equine specialist. Often, multiple application submission deadlines are available throughout the year depending on funds available). Awards are given up to a maximum of $2000 to help with travel expenses.

Past Award Winners

Rachael Loek

Lucy Tongen

Henrietta Parnell-Turner

Karly Hicks

Susan Baiz

Jeff Tinsley

Robert Ward

No Externship Grant Applications due to COVID-19

Callum Bennie

Lindsay McAuliffe

Sarah Hoff

Michelle Piccione

Naomi Rich

Zijin Zhou

Sarah Hoff

Tyler Jordan

Brittany Lancellotti

Christina Mazulis

Julia Miller

Laura O’Shaughnessy-Hunter

Karen Ho

Clarissa Pimental de Souza

Curtis Plowgian

Laura Udraite-Vovk

Christie Yamazaki

Nellie Choi

Maria Ierace

Christoph Klinger

Martha Lane

Jennifer Moczarnik

Alicia Webb

Janine Classen

Elizabeth Falk

Christina Gentry

Evie Knight

Carine Laporte

Elizabeth Layne

Fiona Lee

Samantha Lockwood

Rendina McFadden

Meagan Rock

Meghan Solc

Charli Dong

Carine Laporte

Catherine Milley

Jason Pieper

Diana Simoes

Christina Gentry

Ashley Stich

Amy Haarstad

Darcie Kunder

Shanna Seals

Ashley Stich

Amelia White